About us

Speech for Hearing is the public expert, logical, and credentialing relationship for individuals and offshoots who are audiologists; discourse language pathologists; discourse, language, and hearing researchers; audiology and discourse language pathology uphold faculty; and understudies. Audiologists work in forestalling and evaluating hearing and equilibrium issues just as giving audiologic treatment, including portable hearing assistants. Discourse language pathologists (DLPs) recognize, evaluate, and treat discourse, language, and gulping problems.

Get The Best Treatment For Your Child.

Our Mission

Engaging and supporting the members, audiologists, discourse language pathologists, and discourse, language, and hearing researchers through: Propelling science, Setting norms, Cultivating greatness in expert practice, and Supporting for individuals and those they serve.

speech for hearing
speech for hearing

Our Vision

Making compelling communication, a basic freedom, available and reachable for all.